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Take It Higher

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Looks like they gone to the trouble of re-editing the track for video purposes but why not go to the trouble of getting the MCs to write original bars too? I guess that would probably miss the point of the track but still, I have heard these bars approx 95678595276 times. New bars puuuuurlease!

Oh and hang tight Hotsteppa with some of the most awkward dancing I have ever seen in my life!


New Signal Mix

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To go alongside the 3rd of our Signal events, (Thursday October 22nd if you didn’t already know) here’s the mix CD to hopefully get you all to come along and have a bit of a bop etc

01. Signal October 22nd @ Fez Club, Cambridge (Advert)
02. Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix) (DJ C Signal Dub)
03. Monk & Prof ft. Shea Soul – Superman
04. Kris Baya – Heartbreaker (Ill Blu Mix)
05. L.A. Cartier – Call Me
06. Jamie George – Wonderful Day (Roska Mix) (DJ C Special)
07. Black Coffee ft. Bucie – Turn Me On
08. Royal P ft. Tsana – Like That (Club Mix)
09. Jade Ewen – My Man (Perempay Remix)
10. Todz & Beatz ft. Branjae – Mystery (Original Mix)
11. NX1 ft. Nikx & Sharky – Come On Over
12. Lil’ Silva ft. Kyra – Something (Vocal Mix)
13. MC Dream Vs. Lil‘ Silva – Sweep Dem Gally
14. Maxwell D – Blackberry Hype
15. Crazy Cousinz ft. MC Versatile – It’s That Funky
16. 3-2-1 – Bring It Back (Ill Blu Remix)
17. Signal October 22nd @ Fez Club, Cambridge (Advert)
18. Ill Blu – Blu Magic (Lil’ Dave Dub)
19. Serani – No Games (Roll Deep Mix)
20. DJ Cameo ft. Coldsteps & Mr. Kaos – Ayia Napa Anthem
21. DJ Hotsteppa ft. The Funky Allstars – Take It Higher
22. Funky Dee ft. Lioness – Are U Gonna Bang Doe?
23. Jeremih – Birthday Sex Vs. Chants
24. Perempay ‘N’ Dee ft. Shola Ama – DJ Play (Club Mix)
25. Roska ft. Jamie George – Love 2 Nite (Lil‘ Dave Special)
26. Kele Le Roc – My Love 09 (Diamond Mix) (Lil‘ Dave Special)
27. Play ft. Pelz – Nameless (Crazy Cousinz Mix) (Lil‘ Dave Dub)
28. Swindle ft. Nadia Sulliman – No More (Lil’ Dave Dub)
29. Enrique Benitez ft. Mia Mendez – Cooking (Lil’ Dave Dub)
30. Miss Fire – Fallin’ (DJ Naughty Remix) (Lil‘ Dave Special)
31. Barber Bizzle ft. Songbird – Take Me High (Lil‘ Dave Special)
32. DPZ ft. Anna – The Mixdown

Download from our Radio Signal site (click the link below). Bless. The older Signal mixes are up there too if you missed them.


We will have CD copies to give away from next week, so ask nicely (please, fankoo etc) if you would like a one.

If any other blog-ey people would like to blog it on their err… blog, then please do so or maybe you could err “tweet” it for us on your twitter. If you do we will be eternally grateful and bless you with a high five and cake.

DJ Hotsteppa Featuring The Funky Scene

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hotsteppaAllow the image yeah, google image search tings

Well OK it doesn’t feature the whole funky scene but you get my drift, line up of MCs includes the likes of Dogtaniun, Creeper, Gracious K, Tribal Man, Riskgo, K.I.G., Funky D, L.J. & C. Los, Maxwell D, Kaos and some girl from road (apologies if you are a real singer) on the hook. I actually like the hook still, in fact that’s the only bit I like…

It might just be me, my ears can be a bit ragz sometimes but I swear some of the bars (bars that I have heard like a zillion times before) are actually out of time? Anyone else agree? RE the bars of Gracious especially!

The idea behind this tune is pretty basic, take the “best” (a term used loosely for some) MCs surrounding the funky scene and put them and their signature bars on a beat (I am more than surprised the beat is an original and not on a Seasons, Different, Sirens or Mr Bean type flex) with a nice fluffy chorus that girls can easily sing to, the execution of said idea tho is just… a little… shit…

Take It Higher

I do like that hook tho.