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Marcus “The Funky Don” Nasty Spks

Posted in Funky, Videos with tags , , , on April 16, 2009 by dunknowdablogspot

He chats ALOT about AIR but it’s pretty much correct, nail, head, all them type of tings… apart from the bit bout Ghetto sorry Ghetts on “Seasons”, I thought that vocal was alright still, probably un-need though so I’ll give him that.

Anyways cheer up Marcus, it could be worse, we could have skanks and tunes like this…

I’m trying to think of a funny kinda phrase to describe/slew it. I can’t… so I’ll just go with… it’s shit. Plain shit. If you play this, skank to this, listen to this, PLEASE don’t talk to me. EVER.


Another Jazmine Funky Mix

Posted in Funky with tags , , , , on April 5, 2009 by dunknowdablogspot

By the time she’s finished releasing singles from her album (which is ALOT), I swear they will have all had funky mixes, Crazy Cousinz, Attacca Pesante, Monk & Prof

The latest being Ossie’s mix of “Lions, Tigers, Bears, Giraffes, Hippos etc”. Captures the mood of the track real nice I think, nice chilled out funky vibes for a Sunday evening. He has a Myspace with a couple of other decent riddims too, click right hurrrr.

And speaking of Lions, Tigers etc, anyone fancy a road trip to London Zoo? I want to go, take pictures of animals and ting, maybe feed some penguins.

Madness Pon Road

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Sheeeetttt, this is tooo funny…

“Your the egg in my breakfaaaast, how would you like to be my second wife”

I Wonder If I can Dance Like Young Nate?

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Bestest most smoothest R&B jam from the UK right now? Probably. Released pon Itunes today, so make sure you go get that init.

Ruff Sqwad Are Back

Posted in Grime, Videos with tags , , , , , on March 24, 2009 by dunknowdablogspot

If it’s good enough for T-Pain it’s good enough for Rapid I guess… sort of. I think he should leave it well alone really and there’s probably too many verses on this track but I like it still. Nice to see Tinchy hasn’t gone all Hollywood too, especially now he’s rollin with Radio 1 A-list.

Not so sure about Rapid boppin’ around like he’s any R&B breh however, maybe he needs to come up with a proper full on skank?

Here are a couple of my favouritest, duttiest, lengest Ruff Sqwad tunes of all time for you to listen to aswell.


Tell Me


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Do not underestimate how murky the Spice Girls were. This tune goes ‘ard today.

My Saturdays Obsession Continues

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That is all…

Oh and Comic Relief raised an awful lot of money… I think… well I assume it did, I really should research these things more.