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DJ Target Freeness

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target_atweekendThe selection on this mix deserves a wheeeeeeeeeeeel with…

Tings like this…

And this…

So it obvs has to get a straight to ipod pass. Only the very best mixes get this treatment rather than the trash can selection of most mixes I seem to download.

Anyways download Target’s freeness hurrr


Snow… Parr

Posted in Random Tings with tags , , , on February 2, 2009 by dunknowdablogspot

Why is it other countries manage, yet we in th UK grind to a halt at the slightest bit of the white stuff? (I say slight, there’s a good 6cm directly outside)

Snow... Parr

This is the view in my garden (yeah its a crap photo taken with my Blackberry’s 0.2785 megapixel camera, but you get the idea and it adds a personal touch to the post). There’s certainly enough white stuff to make me sack off work today.

And I’m sure there’s lots of practical things I could do with my day seeing as I’m stuck at home (hold tight my mum), but in reality I think I’m heading back to bed!

Does anyone know if “Loose Women” is still on at lunchtime?

Snow = PARR

As I look up at the sky the shit keeps falling down. Great. May mean another day off tomorrow.


I have been well and truly parr’d!!! After being given the day off (well OK I gave myself the day off but thats alright in these conditions isn’t it?) due to the snow risk on the roads (my car is not a fucking sledge and I don’t own ski’s!) I have since been summoned into work!

FUCK OFF are you mad and stupid in the face?!! I have never been so angry in my life (a slight exaggeration but you get my point) and have already dropped many C Bombs to make myself feel better. They clearly think my life is only worth 1 days pay. Nice to know I’m valued! Fucking cunts!!!

Look out for me in a ditch tonight as I attempt to get back home from my office in the 20 inches of snow that will no doubt lay throughout today. My life has become one big parr! Cunts! Amount of work getting done today? Fucking zero!

Homegrown 4 MP3 Download

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Download The MP3 (Click below on the relevant version)

As Split Tracks (with High Res Artwork) HERE

Single Long Track Version HERE

01. DVA ft. Alahna – I’m Leaving (Lil’ Dave Dub)

02. DJ Mystery ft. Natalie K – Speechless
03. Perempay ‘N’ Dee ft. Katie Pearl – In The Air
04. Funky Boi ft. Kimona – Changes
05. Attacca Pesante ft. Shea Soul – Make It Funky
06. Xara – You Got Me
07. Fe-Nix – Lady Baby (My Boo) (Paleface Mix)
08. Diamond. ft. Sophia Romain – Fly Away (Lil’ Dave Special)
09. Geeneus ft. Katy B – As I
10. Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
11. G-Fam ft. Princess – Frontline (Lil’ Dave Special)
12. Funky Taffa – Be Somebody
13. Major Not£$ ft. Mellody – Regular Lover
14. N.B. Funky ft. D’Votion – Open Your Wings (Lil’ Dave Dub)
15. Shean Williams – Show Me
16. Jay Sean – Tonight (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
17. Craig David – Are You Up For This (Original Mix)
18. K.I.G. Family – Head, Shoulders, Knees ‘N’ Toes
19. Crazy Cousinz ft. MC Versatile – Funky Anthem
20. DMP Vs. Sadie Ama ft. Bashy – Those Were The Days
21. DJ Matchstick ft. Erica Lji – It’s Over (Witty Boy Mix)
22. Young Nate – Mixed Messages (Big Ang Mix) (Lil’ Dave Special)
23. Chipmunk ft. Loick Essien – Beast (First Born Remix)
24. Kid Bass ft. Sincere – Good Girl’s Love Rudeboy’s
25. Janee ft. Wiley – It’s Alright
26. Presidential Sounds ft. Janee – Touch My (Lil’ Dave Dub)
27. Nia Jai ft. Sway & Natty Boii – Hey Girl (Remix)
28. Chipmunk ft. Neutrino – Reload
29. Tinchy Stryder ft. Roachee – Rollin’ (Remix)
30. Ghetto ft. Tamzin – Sing For Me
31. Low Deep ft. No Lay – Star
32. Doctor ft. Ny – Street Solider


If you ask nicely (please, thankyou etc) I may some CD copies to give away. We in a recession so I’m not giving millions of CDs out to anybody.
Any bloggers out there feel free to blog the mix if you liking it! If not parr!


DISCLAIMER: If anyone has an issue with the posting of the above mix, please get in contact with either of us by clicking on the relevant links on the right to resolve the issue. There is no need to get WordPress or any other 3rd party involved. Thankyou & enjoy the mix.

Kidbass & Sincere VIDEO!!

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Finally the offical video. I promise this is my last post concerning this track (post number 187 I believe). Video looks solid, though I would have liked to have seen maybe a plot of some kind but alas…

Make sure you cop the tune when it gets released from your local fruit based store (other people are probably stocking too) from February 16th, also look out for the remix which adds a nice verse from Kano, not sure if that mix is gonna be in the single package though.

New Durrty Goodz

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Durrty Goodz – Ultrasound

Durrty Goodz IMO is the best grime MC in the UK. Now thats quite a statement but if you doubt it then you haven’t heard his classic e.p Axiom, which was way better than any other grime MC’s album released in the last 18 months. So go on… run… buy it now if you haven’t already!

To follow that up he is releasing a pre-album at the end of January titled “Ultrasound”. Even if it’s half  as good as “Axiom”  this will still be one of 09s best releases. Can’t wait!

Doctor ft. Ny – Street Soldier

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The tracks been around for a while now but finally they released a video in preparation for its December 15th release.

The video’s not really doing much, average at best but it’s always been Ny’s hook that’s made this track standout, though the trademark beat from Davinche helps it along too!

Grammar Lessons with Wiley

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Damn I seem to posting a fair few Wiley related blogs recently!!!

The reason for this one is can someone please, please, please teach Wiley how to use full stops, commar’s and capital letters?!

It would make his angry rants on the RWD forums a little easier to follow.

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