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New Signal Mix

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01. Geeneus ft. Katy B – Good Life
02. Roll Deep – Good Times (Ill Blu Remix)
03. Majestic MC – In The V.I.P. (DJ C Special)
04. Majestic MC ft. Skepta & B-Live – In The V.I.P. (BBK Remix)
05. Princess Nyah – Pon De Floor (The Remix)
06. Rapid – Go Rapid
07. Lil’ Silva – No Hooks
08. J-Labelz ft. Naughty Natz – Touch Me
09. Chuck Dem Gee ft. Roch’L Royale – Round & Round
10. Princess Nyah – Butterflies
11. Roska ft. Nikki – Energy
12. Shakka – We’yoo
13. Chocolate Doll – Into The Blue
14. S-Tee ft. Tasha – Touch On Me (FunkyStepz Remix)
15. Champion – Lighter (Lil’ Dave Dub)
16. Redlight ft. Roses Gabor – Stupid
17. DJ Eastwood – U Ain’t Ready
18. Princess Nyah ft. Griminal & Ghetts – Hooligans (remix)
19. Ill Blu – Overdose (Lil’ Dave Dub)
20. Wiley ft. Jodie Connor & J2K – Electric Boogaloo
21. El-B ft. Natasha – I Feel
22. Jodie Aysha – Pozer (Zer Zer Zer) (Todz & Beatz Mix)
23. Nycole Valentina – Flatline (Dumplin’ Mix)
24. Addictive – Bad Girl (Champion Remix)
25. DJ Seany B ft. Tonia – Tell Me Would Ya (Lil’ Dave Special)
26. Princess Nyah – So Good
27. The Fives ft. Vanya Taylor – It’s What You Do
28. Lemar – Coming Home (Roll Deep Remix)
29. SMI ft. Nivine – In My Soul (Lil’ Dave Special)
30. Screama ft. Farah – I Can’t
31. Target & Danny Weed ft. Shola Ama, J2K & Wiley – Trouble
32. Marvell – Marvell Music

You can download the MP3 freeness from hurrr as always

or if your so inclined you can stream from our Mixcloud which you can find by clicking Signal Mixcloud

CD’s out on Cambridge roads from this week


Signal 23/04/09 Be There!

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DJ Target and Crazy Cousinz! Bwoooooooy, this is set to be alot!

Cambridge people make sure you reach, anyone else who lives everywhere else (Cambridge isn’t far from LDN!) make sure you reach.

Also look out for the Signal promo mix CD dropping next week too to give you an idea of what to expect come April 23rd, funky, grime, garage all them types of flavours there.

We Heart 4Play, So Will DJ B

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4Play is back in Leicester!

Last time was vibes and this time we bringing along 1Xtra R&B don DJ B, but don’t get it twisted and ting, he plays everything, funky, bashment all them types of skanking tunes too. He has done a mix recently to prove it which you can cop from his blog right HERE

Skankkkkkiiiinnnnnn shoes at the ready yeah!

And Skaaaaaaaaaaank

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Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes has A LOT to answer for!

OK maybe not that version… (I’ve always wanted to post that video though, big riddim, got a wheel up at playgroup back in the day)…

But the funky/grime/funky grime version by K.I.G. & Hitty… (Official video to that soon come)

K.I.G. Family

As my mum always told me, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… alie?

A plethora (dun know the dictionary) of other funky dances (there may well be more out there, it’s just I’m not “on” them yet) await you after the jump.

Learn them (or possibly not)…

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Rudenko Gets A Fingaprint Re-Lick

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Rudenoko’s “Everybody”, everytime I put on Radio 1 during the day (not my fault I work in a open plan office, where the sounds of Ghetto spitting about how he is gonna shank you, don’t go down too well) I hear the original version. Seriously it’s fucking everywhere, a bit like Subway but not as nice! I don’t mind the video being on the TV so much because, well, it has attractive young ladies in shorts gyrating about, so that gets a pass obviously (Yeah I know I’m predictable but I’m no different to any other male, we all like watching girls gyrate around in shorts, if you get told otherwise they are lying… or gay).

I wish however Data records put the original video to this new re-lick, done by Funky producer extrodnaire Fingaprint, instead of just their boring logo (couldn’t they at least make the logo do something… a dance maybe). Anyway hopefully this mix will be on the full release when it comes out on February 16th, but give Data Records their due, they are usually quite good at putting out 129 remixes for every song, so the chances are decent that this makes the cut.

If your thinking where have I heard Fingaprint before? Well it would most likely be for this tune… It’s a funky classic…

Fingaprint – The Print (Original Mix)

If you would like to view the original video to the original track (complete with nice looking ladies) you can do so by clicking after the jump. I advise you click on the High definition thing in the corner, it makes the viewing experience a little less like watching a bootleg Eastern European softcore movie (not that I would know what that viewing experience would be like you understand. I’m a nice boy, the sort you can take home to your mum).

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Wale – Head, Shoulders, Knees N Toes (Freestyle)

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After arguing in public last week via Twitter like a couple of old men fighting over the last pint of milk in Tesco, DJ Semtex and Wale kiss and make up to deliver a freestyle over K.I.G.’s funky/grime/funky grime anthem “Head, Shoulders, Knees N Toes”. Let’s see how many US people actually “get” this, as the production and tempo is gonna appear pretty alien, they will probably wonder what fuck it’s all about but then again I think same thing about pretty much every rap track that comes out of Texas (insert alternative US Southern City/State here).

Download from the blog of Semtex HERE

Don’t forget K.I.G. will be performing their version of “Head Shoulders, Knees N Toes” live @ Rotation, Fez Club, Cambridge on Tuesday February 24th. Make sure your there.

4Play (Valentine’s Special)

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More info after the jump!

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