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Radio Signal 6 – The Ms Dynamite Edition

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To get you in the mood for Signal’s 1st Birthday Bash in April, here’s the 6th installment of Radio Signal. 80 mins of new UK Funky, Grime, and some Ms Dynamite classics thrown in the mix. Get it here.

Even Peggy Mitchell’s feeling it! Safe Babs.

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In The Morning

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It’s nice to the more sophisticated side of funky getting exposure. Everyone is bored of the skanks, I want to hear real songs. like this. There’s a multiple array of mixes on offer too, the Sticky mix is the one I’m vibin’ off most. Does alot…

In The Morning (Sticky Refix)

7th of September is the date, support init along with “Make It Funky” and “Daydreaming” (even tho I hate that song) which are out THE SAME DAY. Which ever bright record exec planned that one well done

Ms Dynamite Freeness!

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ms_dynamite Is you…

some audio freeness of “Bad Gyal”

She spits on this track how I would like my future wife to talk. Dun know the bashyness.

Never heard this mix before though?

Bad Gyal (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

I must be LATE… Oh well, still it’s very much one of the better Crazy Cousinz productions I’ve heard recently.

New Radio Signal Mix MP3 Download

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02. Ill Blu – Say Yes (DJ C Special)
03. Jazmine Sullivan – Need You Bad (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
04. Fe-Nix – Lady Baby (My Boo) (Paleface Mix)
05. Princess Nyah – Big Boys (DJ C Special)
06. Young Nate ft. Gracious K – Wine It Gal
07. Donae’O – Love To Happen
08. Geeneus ft. Katy B – As I
09. Rudimental – Feet Have Souls
10. Ikane ft. Xtine – Let U Know
11. Sticky ft. Mr. Midas – She‘s My Lady (Fugitive Riddim)
12. Sticky ft. Lady Chann – Eye Too Fast (Fugitive Riddim)
13. LJ ft. C.Los – 079 Me (DJ C Dub)
14. Bless Beats ft. Donae’O, Double S & Wretch 32 – Let It Out
15. Davinche ft. Clea & Bashy – Rider (Riding For Love)
17. Dotstar – Stick Up (Lil’ Dave Dub)
18. Dirty Danger – Hard Bodied (Lil’ Dave Dub)
19. Rapid – Report To The Dancefloor
20. Wiley – Livin’ It Up
21. Bashy – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
22. Shystie – Pull It (Bad Gyal Bass) (Ill Blu Funky Mix)
23. Young Don – Always Be My Baby (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
24. Sandy – Lil’ Miss Innocent (Remix)
25. V-Boiz ft. Jaide Green – Hooked On You (Lil’ Dave Special)
26. DJ Q ft. Natz – Yours (4Motion Funky Remix)
27. Smasher ft. Jade Chole – Green light (Lil’ Dave Special)
28. Footsteps ft. A.l. – Tell Me (Lil’ Dave Special)
29. Enrique Benitez ft. Mia Mendez – Cooking
30. Ill Blu Vs. Aaliyah – Rock The Boat
31. Attacca Pesante ft. Shea Soul – Make It Funky

Please Please Please don’t forget our rave “Signal Part 2” which is next month, Thursday July 23rd if you don’t know, we got Attacca Pesante, “make it funky for meeeeee” (yeah dem peoples), Twin Bizzle from 1xtra, grime don Logan Sama from Kiss & Ill Blu. Oh and plus us of course aswell. What more could you want?

So yeah here’s the mix to promote it and hopefully get you to come along and have a bit of a dance.

Download from our Radio Signal site (click link below init). Simples.

radiosignaldotcodotukWe will have a few limited CDs from this weekend onwards so ask nicely (please, fankoo etc) if you would like a copy.

If any other blog-ey people would like to blog it on their err… blog, then please do it. We will love you very much and buy you cake. Maybe.

Dancehall Or Funky?

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stickyI have no idea to be honest, is it Dancehall, Funky, bit of both? Do I care? Nah not really, it’s skanking vibes though whatever you wanna class it as.

Fugitive Riddim Medley

(Quick medley ting I just put together to illustrate my point, so don’t get all technical on it yeah, Robbo Ranx I am not)

But maybe not as vibes as the “Jumeirah Riddim”… or is it… Ohhhhhhh, I can’t decide which one I prefer. Maybe need more people to vocal this one?

The Saturdays In FHM – WOW

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I’m a a BIG fan of The Saturdays (not DJ C he thinks they’re air, but me, please don’t kill me for this post Curtis). Girls Aloud who?

Anyhow important tings first, my favourite member to err lust over  has to be Frankie (the one with short hair & a nice arse), she used to be in a shit group called S-Club Juniors (They aren’t around anymore plus she’s now 19 so please allow any jokes about under age girls etc etc).

The Saturdays FHM Cover

Musical reasons to like The Saturdays (Seriously, you think I’m fucking joking right? I’m not!)

If This Is Love



Even Sticky (Re: Ms Dynamite’s Booo!) remixed their second single.

Up (Sticky Remix)

The Saturdays will also record this years single for Comic Relief which will be a cover of Depeche Mode’s crappy pop hit (well I’m told it was a hit?) “Just Can’t Get Enough”. The video will probably be doing alot though, so expect me to post it up at a later date and rave about how Frankie looks really fuckable in her red nose or something.

Perv/lust/wank (delete where applicable) over the FHM shoot after the jump

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