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Whether this is a bait Stush rip off or not is irrelevant to me, now go reload fi dat



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coooooooookieToday I am doing nothing apart from eating these (no one can home bake as good as these tastes I swear down, don’t even try telling me you can, stop hyping, unless of course, you are some baked goods goddess who goes by the name of Mz Bratt) and catching up on a weeks worth of this…


Everyone else can go allow it. DO NOT DISTURB. Thanks.

Mz Bratt Freeness

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mzbratt_sheslovelyI continue with my Mz. Bratt obsession (it’s stopping just short of stalking) by letting you know that Terror Danjah has given out his mix of “Hustler’s Anthem” for FREE.

Mz Bratt’s verse is getting berrrr re-loads in my itoooons right now. No other verse on this track matters. I truely mean that.

Download the freeness right hurrr

Don’t forget that the single “Who Do You Think You Are” is out on Monday. Make sure you support her init. She’s lovely.

Watch Mz Bratt Inna Di Toilet

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Random But Truemz bratt in her bathroom

She has a nice shower and and that…

Not sure if it’s kinda perverted to be watching her? But she is my future wife tho so I guess it’s morally OK?

I probably should really be saying FUCK my life (for watching this for longer than 37 seconds). But I’m not. I really should have better things to be doing? (Even tho I am the worlds biggest Mz Bratt fan). But I don’t. It’s compelling viewing… addictive in a strange but NOT stalker kinda way. Hang tight fellow non- pervert / non- stalker… man like Logan Sama. He was going for it in the chat room with all the other people beggin’ it and tryin’ it.

Mz Bratt (Cleo Babez) if you reads this just so you know… I loves you. True stories. Just forget about all the other man tryin’ to link you in your chat box.

To  stalk watch (but not wife) Mz Bratt click Hurrr

I’m now off to have shower. Seeing her bathroom has made me want to go get clean.

Radio Signal Mix (Download)

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01. Kyla – Do You Mind (DJ C Special)
02. Crazy Cousinz ft. Calista – Bongo Jam (DJ Naughty Mix)
03. Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
04. Crazy Cousinz ft. MC Versatile – Funky Anthem
05. Attacca Pesante ft. Shea Soul – Make It Funky
06. Fuzzy Logik ft. Egypt – In The Morning
07. Natalie Walker – Sexy Sexy (All Up On Me) (DJ C Special)
08. Shean Williams – Show Me
09. T2 ft. Michelle Escoffery – Come Over
10. Ms. Dynamite – Bad Gyal
11. Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
12. Kid Bass ft. Sincere, Scorcher, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 & Chipmunk – 6AM
13. Kid Bass ft. Sincere – Good Girls Love Rudeboys
14. Ghetts ft. Tamzin – Sing 4 Me (Electro Mix)
15. Skepta – Sunglasses At Night
16. Roll Deep ft. Janee – Do Me Wrong
17. Mz. Bratt – Who Do U Think U Are?
18. Boy Better Know ft. Skepta, Wiley, JME & Frisco – Too Many Man
19. Gracious “Nappa Man” K – Migraine Skank (Lil Dave Dub)
20. K.I.G. – Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez (Lil Dave Dub)
21. Fr3e – Skank, Calm Down (Lil Dave Special)
22. Play Entertainment ft. Zest – Jump In The Middle & Skank
23. Lethal B ft. Donae’O – Go Hard
24. Donae’O ft. Princess Nyah – Party Hard (Remix)
25. G*Fam ft. Princess Nyah – Frontline (Lil Dave Special)
26. G*Fam ft. Princess Nyah & Coldsteps – Frontline (Remix)
27. Ill Blu ft. Hoodzee – Rider (Lil Dave Special)
28. Scorcher ft. J2K & Wiley – I Know
29. Wiley ft. Kano & Ghetts – She’s Glowing
30. Jodie Connor – She’s Glowing

With Signal @ Fez only… let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4… 11 days away (Thursday April 23rd), we are dropping our promo mix to hopefully get more people to come rave at our night. Please come to our night, there will be girls, tunes, girls, more tunes and more girls. So come yeah. Please.

To download the mix in split tracks click Here

Download the mix as one MP3 by moving your mouse & clicking Hurrrrr

If you would like a CD copy please harass the person in the street who’s handing out Signal Flyers. They will have CDs in their bag also. Or email us, Facebook us, Call us etc.

Should you wish to come rave at Signal

£5 guestlist before 11 please either Text “SIGNAL + YOUR NAME” to 07525 350 126

or Write your NAME + NO. OF GUESTS on the Facebook event wall. Click HERE for that.

Doing Alot For Me

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Mz Bratt

With proper support this could actually be her first major hit… alie? OK so it’s not grime, it’s on some next Electro ting and has “Kiss Daytime” stamped all over it but don’t lie to yourself, THIS IS ALOT, I’m guessing the work of Bless Beats rather than Terror Danjah?

I don’t claim to be an expert in Mz. Bratt lyrics, but this verse from 2007 was dutty and proves she can go ‘ard when needed! Skip the movey slidy thing to around 1.08.

Catch Up

Also while randomly searching “Mz Bratt” pon the Youchooooooobe, I found this… from last year but new to me still. I’m gonna put this out there…

Mz Bratt, next time you rave in your bathroom please can you invite me, I will bring along some nice scented candles and we can have a “moment”. Thanks.