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Ms Dynamite Freeness!

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ms_dynamite Is you…

some audio freeness of “Bad Gyal”

She spits on this track how I would like my future wife to talk. Dun know the bashyness.

Never heard this mix before though?

Bad Gyal (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

I must be LATE… Oh well, still it’s very much one of the better Crazy Cousinz productions I’ve heard recently.


DVA’s Fact Mix

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Possibly the best funky (well of sorts…) mix I’ve listened to in a long while…

Only going to be on the Fact website for 3 weeks so I have nicely put it upon here too. Your welcome.

Fact Mix 64 – DVA

Download hurrrr or hurrrr

A note to DVA though, whatever happend to a volume 2 of this?


I know rhythm & grime (or whatever it was called) isn’t the “ting” anymore (was it ever the ‘ting”?) but I would loves to see a follow up. Make it happen. Please.

Oh and if you don’t know about Scratcha’s Breakfast show every weekday morning at some silly hour then Rinse.FM is YOU.

Grimey Breakfast ——> 1Xtra Breakfast. TRUE STORIES.

Gwarn Tinchy

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He may be putting out (overly big) pop songs right about now but just to show he hasn’t gone all “A List” he’s giving away 2 free e.p’s (and yes they are GRIME). Certain others should take note.

Download the freeness right hurrr


This tracks the one that does the most. I like 100% also tho.

The Motown Soundtrack

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play_motown_front_webWe don’t post too many mixes from other DJs on our blog apart from the odd exceptions. This is one of them exceptions.

Move mouse to HERE and click. Simples.

Radio Signal Mix (Download)

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01. Kyla – Do You Mind (DJ C Special)
02. Crazy Cousinz ft. Calista – Bongo Jam (DJ Naughty Mix)
03. Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
04. Crazy Cousinz ft. MC Versatile – Funky Anthem
05. Attacca Pesante ft. Shea Soul – Make It Funky
06. Fuzzy Logik ft. Egypt – In The Morning
07. Natalie Walker – Sexy Sexy (All Up On Me) (DJ C Special)
08. Shean Williams – Show Me
09. T2 ft. Michelle Escoffery – Come Over
10. Ms. Dynamite – Bad Gyal
11. Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
12. Kid Bass ft. Sincere, Scorcher, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 & Chipmunk – 6AM
13. Kid Bass ft. Sincere – Good Girls Love Rudeboys
14. Ghetts ft. Tamzin – Sing 4 Me (Electro Mix)
15. Skepta – Sunglasses At Night
16. Roll Deep ft. Janee – Do Me Wrong
17. Mz. Bratt – Who Do U Think U Are?
18. Boy Better Know ft. Skepta, Wiley, JME & Frisco – Too Many Man
19. Gracious “Nappa Man” K – Migraine Skank (Lil Dave Dub)
20. K.I.G. – Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez (Lil Dave Dub)
21. Fr3e – Skank, Calm Down (Lil Dave Special)
22. Play Entertainment ft. Zest – Jump In The Middle & Skank
23. Lethal B ft. Donae’O – Go Hard
24. Donae’O ft. Princess Nyah – Party Hard (Remix)
25. G*Fam ft. Princess Nyah – Frontline (Lil Dave Special)
26. G*Fam ft. Princess Nyah & Coldsteps – Frontline (Remix)
27. Ill Blu ft. Hoodzee – Rider (Lil Dave Special)
28. Scorcher ft. J2K & Wiley – I Know
29. Wiley ft. Kano & Ghetts – She’s Glowing
30. Jodie Connor – She’s Glowing

With Signal @ Fez only… let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4… 11 days away (Thursday April 23rd), we are dropping our promo mix to hopefully get more people to come rave at our night. Please come to our night, there will be girls, tunes, girls, more tunes and more girls. So come yeah. Please.

To download the mix in split tracks click Here

Download the mix as one MP3 by moving your mouse & clicking Hurrrrr

If you would like a CD copy please harass the person in the street who’s handing out Signal Flyers. They will have CDs in their bag also. Or email us, Facebook us, Call us etc.

Should you wish to come rave at Signal

£5 guestlist before 11 please either Text “SIGNAL + YOUR NAME” to 07525 350 126

or Write your NAME + NO. OF GUESTS on the Facebook event wall. Click HERE for that.

Stay Flee Get Lizzy

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Is this what you want?

Do they mean Lizzy? I know a Lizzy, though hang on I think it’s Lizzie, but yeah do I want her? I dunno, she’s nice, so maybe, possibly. I’m in-decisive like that. I shouldn’t be, I should be more decisive. Make decisions and go for them…

Anyways, UK musical tings agwarn, download for nothing but pure freeeeeeeness by clicking your mouse right hurrrrrrr.

Theophilus London – H.S.K.T

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Theophilus London

We posted a video of two people skanking out, maraca’s in di air, to “Bongo Jam” in New York (dun know the funky sound is spreading) a few weeks back and quickly found out soon after, courtesy of DJ B that one of them was in fact New York Hip Hopper Theophilus London. He left a comment on said post saying he was going to record a freestyle over the K.I.G. anthem “H.S.K.T” (I’m using abriviation from now on to save me writing it constantly, you know the track, it’s a monster) and here it is, so bless Mr. London for the hook up, your large.

He doesn’t disappoint and shows Wale (whom has tried a similar thing) just how it should be done. Don’t argue this fact, the Theophilus version is better, simple as. Listen or download, take your pick.

Theophilus London  – H.S.K.T Freestyle

Download the MP3 HERE (I think I’m allowed to do this? Theo?)

For a likkle bit more pon Theo (like how im lovin’ off his new mixtape) click after the jump init

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