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Signal Birthday Business

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Hard to believe a year of doing this night has now gone by!!! But anyway to celebrate this momentus occasion we having a bit of a birthday bash. Presents, gifts and girls all welcome.

Expect to be skanking aaaaaaaard to this…

and of course this classic anthem…

No guestlist, so don’t even try beggin’ it please, just arrive early init and you won’t have any problems. We will also be giving out birthday cake. Big up my mum on the bakery flex still.

Birthday mix coming soon, be patient.


Signal Part 3

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signalp3_web_frontsignalp3_web_backPart 2 was ALOT and fingers crossed if you turn up to this one then Part 3 will be just as good. 07525 350126 is you if you would like to get some advance tickets for the cheapness of £5. We’ll even deliver them to your door, providing your not living in somewhere like Manchester.

New Radio Signal mix soon come so be patient for that.

Rampage @ Carnival

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rampage_carnivalSo we didn’t get to go to Ministry for obvious reasons and instead had to make do with having our own carnival themed rave in our living room. This was the soundtrack for nuff bopping & whistling.

Rampage Sound System – Carnival 09

Download it hurrr

Signal – Make It Funky For Me

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If you weren’t there YOU MISSED OUT! And I’m not just saying that… I truely mean it, you really did miss out if you weren’t there, oh well you’ll just have to make sure you reach the next one.

A MASSIVE thanks to all the acts who came down to perform, Attacca Pesante, Shea Soul, The Twin Bizzle(s), Logan Sama, Shean Williams, Lync, plus not forgetting a big big thank you to all those who helped put the night together behind the scenes. We loves you all.

Video footage soon come, but for now here’s some photos, more can be found pon the facebhuk.

Attacca Pesante & Shea SoulAttacca Pesante & Shea Soul

Twin B (Both Of Dem)Twin Bizzle (Both of Dem)

Logan SamaLogan Sama

Shean WilliamsShean Williams

LyncLync & Sho Patrol

More pics after the jump, plus berrrrr more can be found on the facebhuk

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DJ Target Freeness

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target_atweekendThe selection on this mix deserves a wheeeeeeeeeeeel with…

Tings like this…

And this…

So it obvs has to get a straight to ipod pass. Only the very best mixes get this treatment rather than the trash can selection of most mixes I seem to download.

Anyways download Target’s freeness hurrr

Ill Blu Mixes

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This past week our favourite funky creaters Ill Blu have passed through the Beeb and delivered a couple of mixes for Mistajam and Raaaaasta Man Kwame. Watch out for “Blu Magic”, instrumental is madness!

You can listen to the funky-er-ness below… Ras Kwame mix also has a mini interview at start.

Wake Up Mix on Ras Kwame (28/06/09)

Princess Nyah – Big Boys (Ill Blu Special)
Ill Blu – Say Yes (Ill Blu Special)
Ill Blu ft. Hoodzee – Rider (Ill Blu Special)
MJ Cole ft. Digga – Gotta Have It (Ill Blu Remix)
Fuzzy Logik ft. Egypt – In The Morning
Todz & Beatz ft. Branjae – Mystery
Young Nate – I Wonder (Ill Blu Remix)
DVA ft. Alahna – I’m Leaving (MA1 Mix)
Hardsoul – Self Religion (Believe In Me)

Mistajam Mix (30/06/09)

Princess Nyah – Big Boys (Ill Blu Special)
Lil’ Silva – Different
Ill Blu ft. Hoodzee – Rider (Ill Blu Special)
Yonurican – Broken Soul
Ill Blu – Say Yes (Ill Blu Special)
DVA ft. Alahna – I’m Leaving (MA1 Mix)
Black Coffee – Turn Me On
Donae’o – Love To Happen
Ill Blu – Blu Magic
Princess Nyah – Frontline (Ill Blu Special)
Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix)

And please please make sure you got in your iphone, berry etc that Ill Blu and Shanique will be at Signal performing “Say Yes”. July 23rd. Fez. Cambridge. Please be there.

One Month

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twinb_signal_july23With Signal just one month away (Thursday July 23rd DUN KNOW) the constant plugging is gonna start. Sorry, it’s shameless but whatev’s it’s our blog so your just going to have to deal with it or visit one of the blogclaaarts on the right yeah.

If you didnt come to the last one and are not sure what to expect just take a listen to Twin B’s mix show pon 1xtra. Murky-ness. And you can also grab both volumes of the Radio Signal mix hurrr.