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Whether this is a bait Stush rip off or not is irrelevant to me, now go reload fi dat


MC Versatile – Searching 4 U [Video]

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Here’s the video for Versatile’s latest single, Searching 4 U. It’s basically him avoiding gash by the hour.

You can download a live PA of this track, along with a Marcus Nasty DJ set, here. Taken from Signal 5 at the Fez Club, Cambridge in Feb. 2010!

I Want To Touch Janee!

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I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now other than tied to the chair in that video. OK so yeah the electro thing is a little bit April 2008, but this tune still gets to pass gooooooooo, even in the summer of 2009 just because I want to touch Janee so so badly, and by the sounds of this song she may not even mind, in fact I bet she’s actually holding out for me… Probably.

Ms Dynamite Freeness!

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ms_dynamite Is you…

some audio freeness of “Bad Gyal”

She spits on this track how I would like my future wife to talk. Dun know the bashyness.

Never heard this mix before though?

Bad Gyal (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

I must be LATE… Oh well, still it’s very much one of the better Crazy Cousinz productions I’ve heard recently.

Charlie Brown

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I’m sure we mentioned a while ago that Charlie Brown was set to do big things…  and if we didn’t we meant to init. This track is just further proof of the bigness he’s set to do this year (actually probably more like 2010 still, as some people need play catch up).

Make sure you go click pon his myspace and listen to a couple of other decent tracks he’s got too. Now whens that album?

Oh and did Wiley just forget to turn up to the video shoot? Has he ever actually turned up for anything ever ever? Dun know da professionalism of everyone’s favourite grime MC.

Danger Daaaaaaanger

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Looks like J2k’s going on serios with the release of his new E.P (Out on an SD card dontchaknoooow), Daaaaaaaanger Daaaaaaaanger.

Smasher’s also gone and given it some electro-ey type mix. The original is more me than this tho.

Danger (Smasher Remix)

Can some A&R type person man please sign Alex Mills up to a solo deal too… and then when you do give me a small percentage for sewing the seed of thought in your mind. Thankyou.

And just cause I’m nice (although it’s probably more I’m suffering from sun stroke or some shit) here is my mostest favouritest J2K track. It’s a 2007 vintage.


Kele Le Roc’s Back

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Sorry for the ads at the beginning of video but this site is the only one with the video it seems. Youtoooobe sort your shit out for fuck sake please!)

I dunno why but I expected this to be a funky track given that I had never heard it before and I just assumed. I was wrong. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I like it tho still sort of… it’s different but doesn’t really capture the heights of THAT other track of hers. You know the one “My Love, Soooooo Good, My Love, Just For You, Ooooooooooooooh” yeah that one.

I was always R&B remix over the Garage remix. I don’t actually think I even really know what the original sounds like. Ignorants done big things with this while I was doing my GCSE’s (dun know the 99).

My Love (Ignorants Remix)

And also being 2009 it’s gone and had a obligatory funky re-lick, much like a lot of big tunes from the late nineties (this ones actually decent tho so I’ll allow it)

My Love 09 (Diamond Remix)