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Signal Summer

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SIGNAL makes it Ayia Napa debut on Wednesday August 4th at the legendary Club Black & White, with Marcus Nasty headlining. Book. Holiday. Now. Safe.

And if you can’t go Napa, dont worry, cause we are back with the Cambridge residency on August 19th with the king, the don, the man Donae’oooooooooooooo


Signal 7 with Mistajam

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Mistajam… Number 1 DJ in the country right bout now? Find out June 24th…

I know it’s exam season but allow it, they minor. Come out and party… much like this…

Signal Birthday Business

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Hard to believe a year of doing this night has now gone by!!! But anyway to celebrate this momentus occasion we having a bit of a birthday bash. Presents, gifts and girls all welcome.

Expect to be skanking aaaaaaaard to this…

and of course this classic anthem…

No guestlist, so don’t even try beggin’ it please, just arrive early init and you won’t have any problems. We will also be giving out birthday cake. Big up my mum on the bakery flex still.

Birthday mix coming soon, be patient.

First Signal Of 2010

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Back For 2010

Christmas Eve was ALOT and a rather nice way to end last year.

More of the same please!

New Signal mix coming very shortly!

Signal Christmas Eve Special – It’s A Festive Ting Right Now!

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Being the nice boys that we are, we have just sorted your Christmas Eve raving for this year… Fez Club… Cambridge… Princess NyahIll Blu… 10pm onwards. You can thanks us on the night in Corona, Jagerbombs and mince pies. If you have been to any of the previous Signal raves this year then you know what to expect init.

New Radio Signal mix soon come later today so be patient for that but why not watch a couple of Nyah video’s. Shes soooooo lovely. Might try and link her on the 24th… Maybe

Signal 3 @ Fez Cambridge

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Yeah allow the slackness. Sorry. We are still here just maybe not as often as we were. Sad times we know.

But anyways last week or was it the week before that (?) I dunno but yeah we held Signal 3 in Cambridge, it was alot. Meleka, DJ Cameo, Mr M. The whole night was pretty sick, you should have came init.

Bless to Sho Patrol for some of pictures and Missin Lync for hosting neatly, you mans are alot. Safe.

Signal 2 @ Fez Club CambridgeSignal 2 @ Fez Club CambridgeSignal 3 @ Fez Club CambridgeSignal 3 @ Fez Club CambridgeSignal 3 @ Fez Club Cambridge

Signal 3 @ Fez Club CambridgeSignal 3 @ Fez Club CambridgeMore pics and stuff after the jump. So click yeah.

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Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

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signalp3_web_frontGun fingers at the ready puuuuurrrrlease